Ciesse 2000, on te market from 1998, today constitues an important truth for the production of accessories for conditioning and heating.
The handcraft vocation, joined to a great vanguard of the manifacture of the metals, (galvanized sheet iron, prepainted, stainless steel, copper), allows to Ciesse 2000 to distinguish itself on the domestic and foreign market.
Best solutions and quality are the objectives that Ciesse 2000 wants resolve.

The hight professionality of the technical Staff alloes Ciesse 2000 to meet the demanding of the market, offering the better novetly.
Ciesse 2000 on the occasion of the Milan fair, inaugurated a new service that offers product's project, technical advice, prototype creation.


One firm, a lot of products
The wide range of products, together with competence, kindness and celerity, allows to firms that choise Ciesse 2000 srl to get better their purchases and to have really favourable prices.

Our products
Boiler cover - Exhalants - Gas/water boxes - Gas/water doors - Collecting boxes - Collecting doors - Expansion pot - Conditioning brackets - Conditioning additionals - Vitreous enamelled pipes - Aluminium flexible pipes-

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